With a voice compared to "human silk", Sara has sung on over 100 stages from Boston, MA to Skagway, AK, and everywhere in between since 1996. While in college outside Boston, Sara joined up with the Danielle Geihs Band as the guitarist and back up vocalist. During that time she recorded her first album, "Stamp Mileage".

The following fall, Sara moved to Portland, OR where she teamed up with Californian singer/songwriter Steven Pile, among several other local artists. Steven and Sara performed as Billy No. 9 and spent the summer of 2002 with drummer Justin Shannon touring southeast Alaska and the Yukon. After a few years in the Pacific Northwest, Sara took her music to San Francisco where she performed solo for a year while working on her second album, "Inertia".

Sara moved again in the fall of 2004, this time to Austin, TX where she performs with a band as well as teaches music.

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