Sonicbids EPK
Blender of Love Digest review- September, 2005
Interview with Severe Magazine-January 2005
Interview with Cerissa Shaw- January 22, 2003

Peter Yarrow
"...a beautiful voice!"

Tinderbox Music
"I'm sitting with "Inertia" even as I type (great name by the way). The vocals on this cd could lead a ship through the fog of all the dry ice machines in Hollywood."

Willamette Weekly
"Also recently transplanted from various parts are Steven Pile and Sara Shansky, who perform as Billy No. 9, lending symbiotic vocal and instrumental support to each other's sturdy original songs."
"Sara Shansky combines thoughtful lyrics with engaging melodies. Sara's winning combination made her a crowd favorite at Daisychain Music Fair 2002. On her music often appears on the daily World/Folk Featured Music list."

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